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Art of Photography
by Trey Ratcliff

Discover the Art of Photography
In this series, you will learn photography in a whole new way!

I've spoken with thousands of people who — despite the beginner or even intermediate courses they've taken — are still confused about the basic elements of photography. So I developed my own style of teaching based on an artist's natural instincts of curiosity and discovery which quickly produces dramatic results.

This tutorial is a great way to get started with photography, regardless of the type of camera you own. You'll learn the fundamentals of your camera, how to take your first photos and how to edit them with Adobe Lightroom.

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Trey Ratcliff’s Complete HDR Tutorial

Complete HDR Tutorial 3.0 (Featuring Aurora HDR)

This entirely new HDR tutorial is perfect for beginners to mega-advanced professionals who want to see all of Trey's latest post-processing techniques! I recently spent several weeks exploring the beautiful and unique city of Venice, Italy. I invited Lisa Bettany to join me during the Carnival of Venice to help film this new version of my popular HDR Tutorial. Venice was filled with thousands of people in costume as we explored its countless streets, bridges, and canals. Lisa and I discuss our artistic inspirations and challenges, how we compose a shot, our camera settings, and much more. You’re then transported back to my studio where I slowly take you step-by-step through my latest techniques using Aurora HDR.

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Trey’s Lightroom Presets

Over the years Trey Ratcliff has created thousands of different presets, and he's chosen the best of the best for this package. You won't believe what these Adobe Lightroom Presets can do to your photos! Includes presets for doing HDR in Lightroom.

Note: These presets work for all versions of Lightroom from 4 to CC.

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Photography Business Masterclass

Serge Ramelli's Photography Business Masterclass shows you what he used to create a successful photography business! This course covers everything from contacting clients, creating business connections, creating niche photography for specific clients, and getting your foot in the door to paid photography. There are lessons on all social media sites, portfolios for business, how to create a website – and as a bonus, you'll get invoice templates and suggested rate sheets so you can sell your work! This course will also show you how to use YouTube and 500px to create a name for yourself and showcase your work.

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Long Exposure Workflow

In this course Serge Ramelli covers all the camera basics, advanced tricks, and retouching techniques for long exposure photography. Serge shows you how and why he uses long exposure. You'll learn about the gear you need and how to use it. Follow along on four of Serge's shoots as he shows you how he took each shot. And as a bonus, you'll have access to the RAW files to use as you work along with the lessons.

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Lightroom Masterclass

This is Serge's Masterclass covering the complete training for Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic! This course will take you through ALL of the features of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic, from start to finish in detail. In over 68 lessons (7 hours of training!) Serge takes you through 9 projects using Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic.

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Landscape Masterclass
by Serge Ramelli

The Landscape Masterclass will take your photography to the next level! This is Serge's most comprehensive landscape course to date. Through over 7 hours of video training, world-class photographer and instructor Serge Ramelli will take you on location and show you his entire process, from shooting to full retouching workflow.

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Cityscape Masterclass

In this five-hour course, renown photographer Serge Ramelli shows you how to capture the most stunning cityscapes. This course includes fantastic live videos from the most beautiful cities in the world as Serge takes you through 30 retouching projects – including 4 behind-the-scenes videos highlighting his composition and process.

This course will show you professional-grade techniques for creating the best cityscape shots – and the secret behind Serge's most popular cityscape photos.

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Three Light Edgy Portrait
Portrait Photography On Location

Learn how Joel creates his dramatic three-light edgy portraits on location. No compositing, folks – this is all done in camera. This lighting technique without question has been Joel's signature brand over the last ten years. Follow along as he takes you through the process from start to finish.

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Strobed Portraits Overpowering the Sun
Portrait Photography On Location

Joel walks you through how to strobe outdoors, overpowering the sun to give you ultra dramatic portraits. This technique is a must for those who what to take their creative vision to the next level and compete in today’s marketplace.

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